Owner & Trainer: Candy Bennyi


Animals of all kinds have always been a meaningful part of Candy's life. She grew up with a house and barn full of cats, dogs, and horses. After graduating from college, she spent the next twenty years working in the field of veterinary medicine as a registered veterinary technician and veterinary practice manager.


Candy's passion is teaching K9 Nose Work® classes and practicing Nose Work with her dogs Lola and Cooper. She also has a special place in her heart for Bully dogs and loves working with them. 


In order to keep her training methods up to date and her clients well informed, Candy makes it a priority to collaborate with other dog-training professionals on an on-going basis and she attends as many seminars and workshops related to dog training and animal behavior as possible.




Photo courtesy of MWinslow Photography & Pawprintz

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Once the dogs in our K9 Nose Work® classes are "Odor Obedient" and have passed an Official NACSW Odor Recognition Test (ORT), they are ready to take their scenting skills on the road. Dogs in our Extreme Nose Work classes search for hidden scents all over the MArin & Sonoma Counties. Come join the fun.  ​



Photographs courtesy of Gadabout Photography.